Goose Cassoulet from Périgueux


The true and original French recipe of the goose cassoulet.

One of the most famous French dish!

Coocked from an old and traditional recipe from Perigord (Region in the center of France).

No doubt, this dish will take you in a fabulous travel throught the traditional French cuisine.   


This generous and tasty Classique from the gastronomy of Périgord should be appreciated right out of the oven. To be shared during the longs month of winter.

Make it brown simply in the oven with a little bread-crumb, this will give a festive air to your meal.

Prepared with a goose confit, white beans, sausages from Toulouse and a sauce paste, the whole sprinkled with spices.

For two foodies...


White beans, goose lips 150g, pork sausages 120g, tomato, water, salt, pepper, herbs, spices.


Data sheet

Net weight
35.27 oz
Gross weight
45.85 oz
Use-by date
3 years
Gluten free, egg free and no additive

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