Gourmet salade Mix for « salade landaise »


Make a quick travel to the southwest of France with this mix made from meat, duck gizzard confit and duck sausage confit, onion and pine nuts. 

Heat up this mix quickly, add it in a bowl of Salad, season it (with French dressing) et voilà!! 


La Salade Landaise, also called Assiette Landaise, is a speciality of the French department of Landes (a wooded area of pin in the Southwest of France).

Its characteristic holds in the fact that the garnish is always made of pieces of duck.  

The garnish is served hot, while the other ingredients as the salad, the tomatoes, the cucumber, the apples or the asparaguses are served cold.

Perfect for two or three foodies! 


Data sheet

Net weight
6,35 oz
Gross weight
12,35 oz
Use-by date
3 years
Egg free

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