Once the order is prepared, it is sent to the recipient of the order ("the Recipient") to the postal address filled by the Client at the time of its order.

Orders are processed within a maximum of one (1) working day (Sundays and public holidays cannot be considered as working days). For some products of the type compositions an additional preparation time is necessary.

The Products are delivered by a specialized service provider (Named the "Transporter"): the Client can track the delivery of his order on the Carrier's site via a link that will be communicated to him by email. In addition, on the day prior to delivery, or on the day scheduled for delivery, the "Carrier" will contact the "Client" to determine the details of the delivery (schedule, confirmation of the place ...

If for some reason the Client must postpone the delivery, we invite him to contact us by mail at the following address: support@Latableroyale.us to schedule a new delivery.

In case of absence, the Carrier leaves a notice of passage in the mailbox of the Client / Recipient if the latter is accessible. The Client / Recipient must then contact the Carrier to agree on a new delivery date.

If no passing notice can be left, the LaTaBleRoyale Client Service will contact the Client or Recipient to schedule a new delivery.


10.2.1 Delivery time and cost

Standard delivery - Delivery times are 1 to 6 working days for the United States.

However, the reason for the nature of certain products as well as the delivery time, if the customer places order on Thursday or Friday, we will send the products ordered by the customer the following Monday. This can not be deterioration of the product.

 You can contact the LaTableRoyale Client Service at the e-mail address: support@latableroyale.us for an estimate of the delay.


10.3. Delivery terms depending on the carriers appointed by LaTableRoyale


By express agreement between the Parties, LATABLEROYALE is authorised to appoint the carrier of its choice to make deliveries.


Delivery lead times may be modified during holiday periods. LATABLEROYALE rejects all responsibility for late deliveries during holiday periods.


Delivery lead times are also automatically suspended by any event beyond the control of the Vendor, which has the effect of delaying deliveries.


The Client must provide the Vendor with the exact information needed for delivery (door code, floor, possible delivery days and times, telephone number, etc.).


The Vendor rejects all responsibility and all claims for compensation in the event of a delay caused by inaccurate or erroneous information from the Purchaser.


10.4.  Options and terms for returning deliveries

In the event that The Client or the recipient of an Order, where the latter is not the Purchaser, refuses to accept delivery of the Order or wishes to return one or more products covered by the Order, LATABLEROYALE will reimburse The Clientf or the amount of the product or products returned as well as the return costs, on condition that all of the following conditions are met:


The Client or recipient, as the case may be, must make contact with LATABLEROYALE’s On Line Sales Client Service Department: contact@latableroyale.us.


The products in question must not have been opened or unpacked,

They must be returned in their original packaging, or in new packaging, which is sufficiently robust and properly sealed, if the original packaging has been damaged,

They must be returned within a period of 7 (seven) calendar days from the date on which the Order was received,

The Client or Recipient must retain proof of posting/despatch of the parcel; in effect, LATABLEROYALE regrets that, without this proof of posting/despatch, it is not able to reimburse the costs of any parcel not received by it.

This option is currently only available to Purchasers or individual recipients for standard deliveries in mainland France, excluding Corsica.


Given their nature and the fragility of our chocolate and alcoholic products, we regret that we are unable to include them in the list of products that can be returned to us. Furthermore, we are also unable to accept returns of hampers/gift boxes, whatever their contents.


10.5. Late delivery:

In the absence of delivery within a maximum period of 10 working days from the day following the day on which the Client has validated his order, LATABLEROYALE, after having been ordered to proceed with the delivery, will reimburse all the sums paid by the Client Inclusive), within a maximum period of fourteen (14) days from receipt of the information, to the exclusion of any other compensation.

10.6. Reception:

The transfer of risks will take place on receipt of the delivery by the Client / Consignee at the place agreed, the Client / Recipient assuming alone, from this date, full responsibility for any damages that the products could suffer or cause.

The Client / Recipient must verify the status of the products as soon as they arrive and send them to LATABLEROYALE by email to: support@Latableroyale.us or by post to: LATABLEROYALE SAS, Support Service, No. 252 of the 124 The Argonne 33000 Bordeaux, any information on the nature and extent of the damage suffered by the Products, in order to allow LATABLEROYALE to appeal against the Carrier.

10.7.                  COMMERCIAL RETURN

In addition to the legal right of retraction granted to the Client provided for in Article 6 below, the Client / Recipient may, in case of dissatisfaction, return one or more items ordered and be reimbursed the amount corresponding to the product (S) and returns, subject to the following cumulative conditions:

·        The Client / Consignee should contact LATABLEROYALE Client Support at the e-mail address: support@Latableroyale.us indicating the name, the reference, the quantity of the products subject to the desired return and the reason for the return

·        The product (s) concerned must not have been opened or opened

·        The product (s) concerned must be returned in their original packaging, or if it has been damaged, in a new solid and properly sealed packaging.

·        The product (s) concerned must be returned within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the order

·        The Client / Recipient must keep proof of the shipment.

These returns and refunds provisions are valid only for deliveries made in the USA.

Given their nature and fragility, our chocolates, as well as gift compositions containing these products can not be returned for commercial purposes.