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Selection of the best salts, hot peppers, spices, piments and chutneys

Fig confit chutney


Slices of pickled figs seasoned with salt and pepper. This chutney will add a sweety salty touch to your tasting. The perfect side dish for foies gras, charcuterie and cheese!! Enjoy!

Onion confit chutney


Blend of pickled onions seasoned with salt and pepper, the chutney is worshiped by all and marries with foie gras and cold meats. The perfect side dish for foies gras, charcuterie and cheese!! Enjoy!

Syrah flower


The Salt of wine is a gastronomic salt, in the rich and varied flavors. Flavour your dishes!

Salt from château


The Seldevin is a gastronomic salt with rich and varied flavors and the ideal color for a successful presentation and a perfect assay.  Assembly of flower of Merlot and flower of de Cabernet, a big aromatic complexity.

Ciao ! Mix


This aromatic blend of spices inspired by the cuisine of Italian mamas will be as easy to use as a parsley and garlic garnish. It will add a touch of spice to your dishes whilst leaving a fresh aroma.

Wild Thyme Linalool


Wild Thyme Linalool is the finest and most exceptional of our garrigue, with hints of Lavender, Bergamot and Verbena, the reminiscence of a natural eau de toilette used by women in the 1950’s.  With exceptional high quality, this aromatic spice can be well-suited for culinary or medicinal use, coming from a traditional French pick in our garrigue. 

Garam Masala


Masala is a mixture of spices well known in northern India, named Garam.   Its basic structure is a reminiscent of Tchai, and complements dishes with vegetables, white meat and fish. 

Herbs of Provence Spice Blend


Ah, the herbs of Provence! Just by breathing the aroma in you find yourself under the sun!  Sarriette, Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary are the 4 aromatic plants that make up the Herbs of Provence.

A mix of 5 Peppers


Its use is essential to intensify the taste of food: from red meat to potatoes to vegetables and cheeses. This mixture is ideal for chocolate desserts and on fruit preparations.

Saffron Filament


Saffron Filament is classified as category 1: Premium. It is a spice of choice and quality. It is tested in infusions to mark its quality.